About Everyone’s Mom

Everyone’s Mom is dedicated to reflecting motherhood; the bond between a mother and a daughter.

We are committed to growing our community and help families and children in need around the world.
The profits generated from the T-Shirts will have an impact on lives that need it the most; your blessings can also be their blessings.

How it all started

Our story dates back to the 1970s when a family in a small town in Venezuela designed and handcrafted unique clothing pieces for women. The founder of Everyone’s Mom, Fabiana Graterol, grew up in this family; wearing toddler fancy dresses made by her mother. Later in 2019, she saw an opportunity to harness these talents and use them to spread hand-made designs across the world. That same year, Fabiana became a mother which harkened her to the hardships faced by children fighting hunger in different countries. These two were the incentives and the inspiration for Fabiana to create her own business to give and spread smiles in families and children worldwide.
The idea? Create two product lines: one dedicated to giving and the other to exalt motherhood.

Mommy&Me Dresses

At Everyone’s Mom, you will find toddler dresses handcrafted in Texas that are perfect for any occasion. Hosting a themed birthday but can’t find a toddler birthday dress that makes your daughter look extra cute? Or perhaps Christmas is right around the corner and you’re looking for some cozy Xmas themed toddler fancy dresses. Want to enjoy a day at the beach and are looking for a toddler beach dress? No matter the event, you are sure to find a suitable match on our site. Check with us regularly for new arrivals and pick out your toddler girl jumper dress from our collection featuring high-quality threads both on and off the beaten track.
Apart from hosting a wide variety of themes, we also provide an assortment of differently tailored items including toddler maxi dresses and toddler long dresses. A prime choice for weddings and formal occasions where your kids are guaranteed to attract a crowd.


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