Everything You'll Need Before Your Baby's Birth

If you are a new mom, you have many preparations to take care of before the new baby comes. However, as overwhelming as it is to figure out which baby items to get, focusing on the bare essentials will ease your stress and allow you to enjoy the anticipation of a new bundle of joy. So, we recommend you get these items before you need to go to the hospital:

  • Diapers and baby wipes.

Obviously, you will need diapers and baby wipes. You can choose either cloth or disposable, but either way, make sure you have plenty on hand when you go home with your baby.

  • Baby onesies and pajamas.

However, one common mistake moms make is that they buy way too many newborn clothes. So, stock up on onesies, but make sure you get plenty of the 3-month sizes. Also, get plenty of pajamas and hats.

  • Burp cloths.

Because newborns spit up a lot, you will want to get burp cloths. Pick out different patterns and styles that suit you, and make sure you have plenty in every room and your diaper bag.

  • Breast pumps and baby bottles.

If you are going to breastfeed, plan on getting a breast pump. It will allow you to save milk and give your partner the chance to feed the baby while you rest. You can even get a hands-free pump, which is helpful if you plan to return to work.

  • Baby blankets.

The best baby blankets are ones made of cotton because they are comfortable and wash well. Get plenty of blankets so you can adapt to the room temperature easily. Baby blankets can also easily turn into a swaddling blanket as well, so no need to buy anything extra.

  • Diaper bag.

Diaper bags come in many different styles, so make sure you select one suitable for you. Consider buying one that comes with a baby changing pad so you can easily change your child's diaper in less than sanitary places.

  • Car seat.

A newborn car seat is an essential item you need to take your child home. Learn how to properly install the car seat before you have to go to the hospital. Make sure you choose a good quality car seat that isn't on any recall list.

  • Somewhere for your baby to sleep.

Many moms want to co-sleep with their baby or have them in a little bassinet or crib near their bed. Make sure you purchase one that meets safety regulations and hasn't been recalled. Choose one most suitable for you and your partner and makes it easy for you to care for your child if they wake up at night.

You are about to embark on a challenging and yet rewarding time in your life. As a new parent, it's a lot to take in, so taking care of these essential items before you need to go to the hospital will ease your mind.

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