Helpful Tips for Planning the Perfect Mommy-Daughter Photoshoot

There is nothing quite as heartwarming as the perfect mommy-daughter photo. However, capturing it can be easier said than done. The good news is that you can use some tips to capture that perfect moment in time and preserve it forever.

If you are ready to learn what those tips are, keep reading. Here you can find out what to do.

The Photographer

This makes sense, right. The first consideration when planning a mommy-daughter photoshoot is finding a photographer who “gets” your vision. Some of the aspects you need to consider include:

· Location

· Duration of the shoot

· Rate

· Styling available

· Flexibility

· Editing timeline

You should also find out if the photographer has ever worked with children since they can be quite unpredictable. You need someone who can roll with it and be helpful when it comes to direction.

The Location

Work with your photographer to find a location that matches your vision for the photo. You want to shoot in a location where you and your daughters feel comfortable. This may be the beach, a field, park, etc. The key is to find a location that feels right, and that is accessible. Try to find a location that isn’t crowded to avoid distractions and ensure the camera only captures you and your family.

What You Wear

You must find the perfect attire for your photoshoot. A recent trend is to purchase mommy-and-me matching outfits. Choose an outfit that will work well with the location and then get something that coordinates with your daughter. You also want something comfortable. You don’t want to be sucking in, pulling up or down, or tugging on the outfit the entire time you are wearing it. Find something you will both be comfortable in.


This could be the most essential tip on the list. You must be flexible. Remember, these are children. It is crucial that everyone remains fun, light, and keeps things positive. Try to roll with the punches, schedule potty breaks, and be prepared with plenty of snacks.

Sometimes your child may just need a break from all the photos. The key is to stay flexible, which will help ensure you get the amazing photos you want.

The Time

You can ask any photographer, and they will likely give the same time – the best time to capture the perfect photo is at the “golden hour.” This usually occurs right before sunset. Another option is sunrise, but most children will likely find this time to be more of a struggle.

Are You Ready for Your Mommy-Daughter Photoshoot?

As you can see, several factors will help you plan the perfect mommy-daughter photoshoot. Keep the tips and information here in mind to ensure that you get the shots you want and that your entire experience is a positive one. Being informed and knowing what steps to take is the best way to ensure your photoshoot is a success.

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