Improve lives with every purchase 

We’re directing 70% of our net profits from every purchased t-shirt to the Everyone’s Mom Global Giving Fund.


These funds will go to charities to support children and families in need, meaning that with your purchase we’re not the ones giving, you are.


Everyone’s Mom is a brand dedicated to motherhood; to reflect the unity and love that a family represents. The moment a mother and daughter match their outfits, smiles are drawn, and that very moment of happiness, is why we’re in business. 
Becoming a mother and being blessed with a loving family is magical. We believe that if you join our cause, we can spread the love and the blessings to the less fortunate around the world. Every child is an angel on earth, and they deserve a happy life.

We will always be transparent about this initiative by sharing your impact here and on social media. Everyone’s Mom started with Dar por Amor, a charity located in Venezuela, currently feeding less than one hundred children a day; our goal is to triple their feeding capacity by the end of 2020. Let’s make an impact together because if you’re a mom of one, you’re Everyone’s Mom!


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